Finance, Meet Open Source

Token Standards is an initiative to provide secure, open source solutions for securing digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

Whether you are a private investor, financial institution, or cryptocurrency service, you should have the tools necessary to securely manage your treasury.


  • Standards Set by Professionals

    Token Standards works with industry professionals with experience transferring and storing billions in cryptocurrency.

  • Here to Help

    Storing millions in tokens? Whether you're storing ten dollars or a hundred million dollars, you should be able to use tools designed to the highest standards.

  • Open Source

    Open source standards and tools are auditable and verifiable. We believe that security standards, in particular, are stronger when they are collaborative.


TokenStandards is here to provide the tools and knowledgebase necessary for securely storing digital assets. Stay tuned for content and open source tools that can enable you to simply and safely store & manage your assets.